Endeavors to embrace between dreams and reality started in 1967.

Since late sixties Astra group realized the importance of its role in contributing to the growth and development in different sectors in Tabuk area thus from this realization Astra group had a number of prominent successes such as :

Agricultural Sector, which presented a piloting experience in agricultural and livestock developments through Astra Farms.

Commercial sector, which presented a various successes into different channels of commerce through Commercial Branch.

Medical sector, which presented a unique examples of success such as Prince Fahed ben Sultan hospital and Tabuk Pharmaceuticals Factory.

Educational sector , which presented a leading experience through the Prince Fahed Ben Sultan University .

Industrial sector , which presented distinguished experience though Astra Industrial group.

Successively, Astra continued its rapid growth into the domain of construction and contracting sector presented with the establishment of Astra construction company.

Astra Construction started as a small initiative at the beginning of its business but swiftly became a first class construction company that has been able to accomplish a number of dashing and needful projects within the region and the Kingdom thus it is mobilizing its forces and resources towards the mega-size construction projects.

As we are launching Astra’s Construction website on today , then I would like to share my best wishes with all working staff in Astra group and construction, also would like to submit my sincere wishes for more prosperity and success to all.

Kameel Sadeddin

Director General Astra Group