Honored to be one of you ,


Great honor became of mine when leadership for this company has been assigned to me, as we know that Astra Construction company is classified as one of the leading forces in the construction field within the northern-western region in the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia.


Happily  today, I submit my sincere thanks and gratitude’s to the dedicated working teams of Astra Construction in return of their dedicated and self-motivated accomplishments which they jointly have been able to accomplish from  which it led our company to the eminent place that it has today .


Our Aspirations goes beyond borders, yet we are looking forward to create joint ventures with international partners thus to expand our scope of work to cover all sites within the Kingdome as long as we possess knowledge, experience, skills and aspirations to be the best in our domain remembering the fact that Astra’s group financial solidity and potentials displays a vital role in realizing this type of success.


On the occasion of our website launch today, I share my thanks with all of the people who made their efforts to build-on this website, and I hope that surfers on the website finds it enjoying, useful and fruitful too.


Enjoy the website  


Eng. Isam Ashour

Astra Construction General Manager