Astra Construction Brief



    ASTRA “Arab Supply & Trading Company” is 100% Saudi owned and managed organization. Founded in 1967 to undertake various activities. More than 3500 employees work for the company in the following categories:

 Contracting & Services


 Commercial Retail



 Real Estate

 Equity Investment/Shares

   Based on the owner’s “self sufficiency” vision a Astra Construction  was established in 1976 to fulfill the needs of Astra’s various divisions for the study, design and the construction of all required facilities. This was planned then in order to guarantee the correct implementation of ideas and projects and to ensure achieving all set tasks and goals.

  The increase in demand for quality in Saudi Arabia prompted us to expand in order to fulfill this market requirement and now we are classified as one of the leading constructions companies in the region.

  Astra has the capacity of constructing, maintaining & operating compounds like Al-Hamra , Al -Cordoba, Khurais Compounds in Riyadh, Al-Hamran, Olaya & Astra Family Compounds in Tabuk.

  Astra has the capacity to provide financial support for large projects if and when required; in fact the construction branch is organized to take on any necessary expansion to cope with such project.

In 2012 Astra Construction been classified in the 1st Classification that gives Astra Construction the ability to execute projects with unlimited values.

  The yearly turnover of the construction branch ranges between (100 to 300) Million Dollars.


Eng. Isam Ashour

General Manager of Astra Construction